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What are backlinks in SEO? Backlink Strategies to improve your ranking

In a digital marketing strategy, backlinks make it possible to optimize the natural referencing with search engines like Google. These natural referencing tools are essential to reach your target.  Choosing the suitable backlinks allows you to see your site on the first pages of Google and guarantees an increase in traffic on its various pages by gaining authority.

What are backlinks in SEO?
What are backlinks in SEO?

What is a backlink?

By definition, a backlink is an incoming link: a hypertext link located on a site external to yours and pointing to one of the pages of your website. Several sites can link to your site and vice versa. Therefore, these links are used to work on an SEO strategy (natural referencing) thanks to the authority that they transmit to the target page. They are present in the content of the page. These links can be present on home pages, articles, or even product sheets. Several terms designate an incoming link, such as backlink, inbound link, inlink, incoming link, or trackback. The backlinks are essential to circulate Link Juice (link juice), that is to say, a benefit brought by an inlink to your site to make your place in the SERPs. Backlinks also provide answers to the question of what is link building in SEO as backlinks are links between two or more websites.

What are backlinks used for?

The backlinks have many uses and are essential in referencing techniques. First, inbound links can bring more visitors to your website. Indeed, it brings Internet users from the external site to yours: the backlink is, therefore, a source of traffic. Then, the backlink transmits “juice” to your site. This “link juice,” also called “Google Juice,” transmits power from the external site to your page. The backlinks, therefore, bring notoriety, authority, popularity, and Google Juice. This tool will make it possible to return to the results of the search engines.

How to get backlinks?

As part of an SEO strategy, you can get backlinks in two different ways.

The first is the natural backlink: a natural link that a user creates from one of his blog pages to one of yours. In this configuration, the links are added without consideration in the articles to give additional information to the readers. The second way to get backlinks is part of a net linking strategy. This strategy involves getting quality inbound links from sites with high PageRank in several ways. Be careful, however, to respect specific criteria for the backlink to be effective. It is important now to focus on semantic net linking, which we highlight on our platform. Many blogs/sites are specialized and trustworthy on the internet; you can contact them directly or go to a net linking platform. Make sure that these links are provided with the tag “dofollow” and not “no follow” so that they send you juice.

Thus, backlinking will be effective and sustainable by making links from sites dealing with the same field of activity (the same theme) and at the heart of optimized and semantically rich texts. The text content of blog posts that make up the link environment is essential in conveying the juice, especially the BERT update. Finally, forget about the many links with the exact optimized anchor text in press releases and directories! With Google Penguin, Keyword stuffing techniques should be banned if you don’t want Google to interpret your link as spam.

Backlink analysis tools

The backlinks are essential to increase the visibility of a site and increase its popularity; they have all their importance in an SEO strategy. They are crucial to SEO, the popularity of a site being part of Google’s relevance criteria to include a site on the first page. To get good backlinks, there are tools to analyze yours and those of your competitors.

Majestic allows you to know the number of backlinks to your site, the number of domains different from yours that recommend your site as backlinks, and follow their evolution over time. Majestic gives you a map of your presence on the web.

Another tool Ahrefs lets you know which are your most popular pages on the web, which sites/blogs are talking about you, who is talking about your competition, and the best keywords. This tool will allow you to analyze the existing to develop an action plan (URL and theme to target). Semrush is a powerful tool for natural referencing (SEO) and paid (SEA). It offers the possibility of identifying backlinks to your site but also of analyzing those of your competitors.

How do backlinks contribute to good SEO?

While it is true that search engines attach great importance to backlinks, the fact remains that a lousy backlink strategy can work significantly against you. This is why it is recommended to reach out to an SEO professional. For the natural referencing of your website, what is important above all is the quality of the backlinks rather than their quantity. They are an indicator of your site’s popularity, which can be measured through Page Rank.

In addition, backlinks help directly increase visits and attract traffic to your site, which also influences your website ranking on the engines.

Backlink Strategies to improve your ranking

There is no known miracle method. Techniques differ depending on the industry. But here are Backlink Strategies to Improve Your Rank and to get quality backlinks:

  • Guest articles: With triangular/unilateral / time-spaced exchanges.
  • Manual search for quality sites:  By offering quality content that contains inbound links pointing to your website.
  • Increase the degree of sharing of an article:  If you want people to link to your website, you need to have something worth linking (ex: an infographic that saves other sites time, an in-depth case study, a practical guide, a quiz, a tool, a survey).
  • The Private Investigator Method:  By building inbound links from stale resources.
  • Use a content purchasing platform: But always in a controlled and non-abusive manner (various anchor profiles/choice of sites / no backlinks directly after publication of an article, etc.). Netlinking.fr is a good platform for this strategy.
  • Analyze the Competition: Each industry has its own set of link-building opportunities. So it is suggested that you take the time to reverse engineer your competition. This way, you can find link opportunities that only exist in your niche.

To conclude Obtaining or creating quality backlinks is essential for the visibility of your website. Effective and lasting link building is a good point in any Search Engine Optimization strategy. You still have to be able to determine what a good backlink is! And if you want to link to this article, don’t hesitate!

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