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Instagram Advertising: What is it?

The social network Instagram opened its advertising network in 2015. This platform uses the Facebook Ads system, which makes it possible to reach even more users.

Instagram advertising, therefore, comes to a critical advertising platform where Facebook’s targeting options are also exploitable. Ads on Instagram are like posts or Stories that you pay for to promote your products and services in users’ News Feeds. These ads are mange by Instagram marketing company.

Quite simply, Instagram ad manager can therefore create targeted ads that will reach the audience you have chosen beforehand.

How does an Instagram promotion strategy look?

Just like Facebook ads, there’s no point in starting without having established a solid campaign strategy. It will itself be integrated into your company’s marketing strategy. Discover the five steps of your Instagram post promotion strategy:

1. Define your campaign objective

How? ‘Or’ What? By selecting the action, you require people to grasp when they see your ads. Depending on the objective you choose, you will select the most suitable type of ad format.

The right elements:

  • A business account on Instagram and an ad account on the Facebook Ads Manager (recommended)
  • An advertising strategy for Instagram advertising

2. Define the right audience to target

How? ‘Or’ What? By using the demographic and interest options offered by the Facebook Ads Manager, you will benefit from more personalized audiences. You must have correctly defined your target beforehand to facilitate this step.

The right elements:

  • A well-established persona
  • Criteria on the demographic aspects of your target

3. Choose the form of your advertisement

How? ‘Or’ What? Depending on the objectives you have selected, you will choose the appropriate format for your Instagram ad manager. These can be Stories, Photos, Videos, Carousels, Explore, IGTV, or Instagram Shopping ads. It should depend on your advertising strategy and your main campaign goal.

The right elements:

  • A quality visual
  • Precise, concise, and impactful content
  • The links corresponding to your linked offer or landing page.

4. Determine a budget

How? ‘Or’ What? Depending on your marketing budget and choosing daily or long-term funding. Several factors affect the cost of your Instagram advertising, such as targeting, ad placement, ad format, and time of year.

The right elements:

  • Your allocated marketing budget
  • Your editorial planning

5. Test and analyze

How? ‘Or’ What? By using the A / B testing methods, which consist in testing different working hypotheses and providing tailor-made recommendations to improve your performance.

The right indicators:

  • The audience
  • The optimization of the distribution
  • Diffusion
  • Investments
  • The contents

Our Methodology

Analysis and choice of the best mailing strategy

Analysis and understanding of your needs

To best respond to your request, together, we carry out a study of the strategy and objective of your Instagram advertising campaign. Our Instagram ad manager make sure you’re targeting the right platform based on your goals and persona.

Our Instagram marketing company will guide you to the best strategy to attract your target audience and achieve your goals.

Facebook ads campaign design

Design of your Instagram campaign

Once the purpose has been defined and the advertising format selected, it is time for us to get into the active part.

Our Instagram ad manager takes care of designing your advertising campaign from start to finish, including the creation or research of the visual, video editing if necessary, content writing, and general optimization for your campaign to be effective (logo, offer with Call-to-Action, links to your site and social networks, etc.)

A / B testing

You can’t improve your ads without performing regular testing. Our Instagram marketing company check which version of your ad works best and test new approaches and recommendations to improve performance.

Performance monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting your advertising performance

Our Instagram marketing company provides you with detailed performance reports of your ads, including click-through rate, cost per click, rate per conversion, etc.

Measuring the performance of your Instagram post promotions allows you to change them to be as effective as possible instantly.

The Benefits of Advertising on Instagram

The most effective social network for gaining subscribers, Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, over 60% of whom log on daily, and 200 million consults a business profile at least once a day. It is ahead of Facebook.

Instagram Ads run by Instagram marketing company has many possibilities in terms of objectives but also in the advertising formats it offers.

The platform offers advanced marketing techniques such as well-placed calls to action to create a natural user follow-up and a good user experience.

Instagram advertising is ideal for e-commerce businesses and B2C. Indeed, highlighting physical products directly in photographs in a very aesthetic way is a real asset to sell.

Finally, remember that 70% of Instagram users have already purchased on mobile. That is to say that more than a third of Internet users using Instagram have already made an online purchase, which makes this audience extremely responsive to the purchase of products on Instagram.


Q1. How to add music to Instagram posts?

It is to be remembered that in Instagram stories, it is possible to add background music through a Music sticker. This allows you to choose a song among those of the database integrated into the application.

To use it, start the Instagram app you downloaded on your Android or iOS device and sign in to your account, if necessary. Now click on the camera icon, which is located in the upper left corner, to open the dedicated Instagram story creation tool.

Then create a story for yourself, recording a video or taking a photo, using the shutter button. Next, tap on the square face icon, which is located at the top, and in the menu displayed to you, tap on the Music item to open the song selection panel.

At this point, select the song of your choice, select it and personalize the music by choosing the segment and the duration (the range is 5 to 15 seconds). Also, if you want to aesthetically customize the sticker using the Aa button and color palette icon.

When satisfied with the outcome, hit the Finish button and publish the story by tapping your story.

Q2. How to add a link to an Instagram story?

Adding a link to your Instagram story is relatively easy, and it can be explained in the following three steps:

1: start your Instagram story

You can select an image or video directly in the Instagram Stories app or hover your cursor up the story screen to import images taken in the past 24 hours.

2: Add the URL of the link

To add your link, click on the icon representing a small chain at the top of your stories.

A new window will emerge on your computer screen. In it, you can enter the destination of the link of your choice. Then enter the full URL address and tap the green box (on Android) or “done” (on iOS) to save the link.

The URL page will allow you to enter the link of any web page you want to direct your audience to.

Currently, Instagram stats don’t count URL clicks. Therefore, you will need to use a link that you can track separately to measure your traffic.

It is recommended to use a short link where you can follow the statistics.

Once you’ve successfully linked a URL to your story, the link icon will appear highlighted to indicate that your story has a link.

3: Continue to edit your story

Add other types of content such as text, stickers, and filters to your story. Then upload that content to your profile just like you would any different story.

It is recommended that you include a call to action in the text of your article to let people know about this link. Standard calls to action are “Swipe up to see more,” “Tap,” “See more,” and “To visit our website.”

Q3. How to add music to the IGTV story?

It is possible to add music to your Instagram stories directly from a third-party music service.

Several services have a vast music collection where people can listen to songs and Share. These also offer a choice to share music on Instagram Stories. So you can utilize any of these settings to add music to your stories.

From each of these platforms, you need to find a song you want to share, and from the sharing options, you select “Instagram Stories.” The music will emerge in your story, along with the song’s cover image. And you can add text and stickers to personalize your story, as you usually do.

And, once your story is posted, it will serve as a link to the app. Thus, anyone who clicks on it will be directed to the app or service from which the music was shared.

Q4. How to advertise on Instagram?

Before you can formulate your first Instagram ad, you will first need to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page (yes, it is highly recommended, but not required, to have an Instagram account to be able to manage responses to the sponsored post. and generate more engagement).

To do so:

  • Go to your Facebook page,
  • Then click on “Settings” (or “Settings” if you use Facebook in English),
  • Click on “Instagram Ads”
  • Click on the “Associate an account” button to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Once this is done, you can start creating your first advertising campaign on Instagram by going to the Facebook Power Editor platform.

Q5. How to promote an Instagram post?

Instagram is a powerful tool for increasing the visibility of a business. Big brands, as well as influencers, have understood this well. In addition to website creation, more and more companies integrate Instagram into their digital marketing and community management strategy.

So here are the things to do to promote your business on Instagram:

  • Focus on Your Goal and Your Niche
  • Add Hashtags
  • Bet on storytelling, the art of history
  • Post Videos
  • Add lots of stories
  • Use Visual Quotes
  • Partnerships with influencers
  • Get your followers involved
  • Be interested in their content
  • Be active and regular
Q6. How to add multiple photos to one Instagram story?

To add several photos/visuals on the same Instagram story slide, you will first need to have these contents directly in your smartphone’s camera roll.

The first step is to produce your story as usual with a photo/video. You will then be given the option to add an image in two ways:

  • Via the addition of a sticker
  • Via the text editor

Whatever the brand of your phone, you will be given the possibility of copying a photo in the memory of this one to duplicate it in another place. On iOs, you have to open the photo in full screen, click on the icon at the bottom left, and then on “Copy.”

The most frequent option is Instagram’s proposal to add the visual from your phone’s memory.

The second way to add a visual, if the option to add a sticker is not offered, is through the text editor accessible at the top right of the screen via “Aa.”

You will then be given the option of “pasting” your image to insert it into your story.

In summary, it is not very complicated to add multiple visuals to your stories, enriching them and making them stand out when this feature is not well known to Instagram users.

Q7. How to add location on Instagram?

You can add the location to your photos and videos that you share right in your feed. Follow these steps:

Start the Instagram app and click on the + button in the middle of the screen’s bottom bar.

Select the image or video you want to download from the gallery and click Next at the top right corner.

This way, you will get to the next screen, where you will need to change the look of the image. When you’re finished, click Next in the upper right corner.

Click Add a location; this option appears under the Tag people section.

Like in Stories, if GPS is on, Instagram will recognize the locations closest to you. If these are not the locations you want to add, you can search for a new one by typing in the text field.

When you are done editing the photo and adding other information, click Share; this way, the image will be posted to your feed, and all your followers can know its location.

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