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Want to create social ads to reach your audience, generate higher-quality traffic to your site, and boost your online reputation? Follow the advice of Mahira Digital, the best Facebook marketing company, to create original and relevant ads on Facebook. Mahira Digital has the expertise to grow Facebook ads. It’s time to use this social network for the benefit of your business goals.

When adopting our advertising SMM service, we assign a personal advisor to guide you through the process of creating and launching Facebook advertising campaigns and improving and improving results over time.

Why advertise on Facebook?

With billions of active users, Facebook and its popular news feed became the world’s first social network within a few years. Today, it is a very important tool of internet marketing for companies that want to increase their activity and achieve growth. Basically, Facebook ads, like Google ads, are logically established as the preferred channel on the Internet to reach your audience with the right messages. Mahira Digital, the best Facebook ads agency, supports the development and implementation of effective Facebook advertising strategies. This can generate higher-quality traffic to your site and increase the popularity of your business with each new client.

Companies using Facebook ads can easily define a certain number of consistent goals for different campaigns on social networks according to their targeted targeting criteria. Among these goals, we find the following in particular:

  • Eligible traffic generation for your site
  • Online sales generation
  • Generate mobile application downloads
  • Generate visits to POS (local advertising)
  • Collect qualified leads for your business
  • Create a fan recruitment community
  • Expand the reach of posts (Facebook page)
  • Increase the popularity of your company, brand, or product/service
  • Place ads on Instagram (photos and videos)

Create a Facebook advertising campaign with Mahira Digital Marketing agency

Anyone with the time and budget to learn can easily create a Facebook campaign. However, there are many benefits to launching an advertising campaign using a Facebook marketing company. In fact, our experts provide the experience and knowledge to help you launch an effective advertising campaign on your platform.

Relying on our Facebook Ads Professional ensures that your ads are profitable. Mahira Digital Marketing has put together the best social media strategies to reduce advertising costs while ensuring your brand grows. Our Facebook advertising agency will gladly place customized ads for you depending on your company’s marketing goals. The same is true for ad placement, audience targeting, graphic selection, and more. Therefore, you can benefit from the advice of a team of experts in this area while focusing on your core business.

Mahira Digital handles Facebook advertising campaigns from scratch and provides personalized online marketing support. Therefore, file-only project managers are particularly interested in the following:

  • Decide which advertising strategy to implement.
  • Define multiple targeting criteria, such as points of interest, demographic data, and Internet user behavior on your site, via Audience Insight and/or FB pixels.
  • Design ads to fit your business image
  • Set up a campaign (using the Ads Manager tool)
  • Monitor and optimize campaigns, ad sets, and ads in real-time
  • Helps install Facebook Pixel (to track Facebook ad conversions and build a targeted audience).
  • Create a Facebook Advertising Campaign

In addition, agencies provide accurate monthly reports on the effectiveness of Facebook advertising campaigns, so you can constantly monitor your return on investment (ROI).

Mahira Digital handles Facebook advertising campaigns from scratch.

Mahira Digital manages every aspect of your Facebook advertising campaign as shown below:

Advertising strategy- Mahira Digital designs the best advertising strategy for your campaign, regardless of your goals.

Targeting- Facebook ads provide a very powerful targeting feature to ensure that your messages reach the right people.

Design- Our creation studio is responsible for designing ads for visuals, carousels, canvases, videos, and more.

Monitoring and optimization- Throughout the campaign, the Mahira Digital team is committed to optimizing various axes of the campaign to improve results.

Reporting- Each campaign will be analyzed through the reports provided. Measure performance based on the KPIs provided at the start of the campaign.

How does our Facebook advertising Agency work?

We solve the complexity of digital investment in your business by understanding your business and goals from start to finish, including where, how, and when to invest your digital marketing budget. We use the most relevant tools to your business and interests, and your goals precisely govern our preferences. We work as a team from start to finish in a way that keeps you delivering your results, as achieving your goals achieves our goals.

Analyze and understand your needs- To best meet your request, we work together to research the strategy and goal of your Facebook advertising campaign. We make sure that you are targeting the right platform. Our team of Facebook Advertising experts attracts your target audience and guides you on the best strategies for achieving your goals.

Facebook ad campaign design- Once the purpose is defined, it is time to get into the operational part. Our team works with advertising campaigns, including visual creation or search, video editing as needed, content creation, and general improvements (banners, subpoenas, links) to make the campaign effective. We are responsible for the design from start to finish. on your site, social networks, etc.)

A / B testing- You can not optimize your Facebook ad campaign without regular checks. Mahira Digital helps to find out which version of your ad is best for you. This is the most likely and therefore most likely to reach the goal.

Monitoring and reporting performance- We provide detailed performance reports for your ads, including CTR, CPC, and CPC. By measuring ad performance, we can instantly change it to be as effective as possible.

Why choose us to run an advertising campaign on Facebook?

As of January 2021, Facebook has about 2,449 million active users and about 1.6 billion connected to SMEs. It’s a mistake not to take advantage of it, but in order to achieve a higher return on investment, you need to design a campaign that can attract potential users. Advertising on Facebook looks simple because it’s an intuitive algorithm that requires managing all parameters correctly, keeping up with all changes and ongoing development, and choosing the best campaign strategy for your business goals. For this, you can choose Mahira Digital to provide you and design the best Facebook advertising campaign for your business. Let’s see the top 5 reasons to choose our Facebook ads agency:

  • We have years of experience in designing effective Facebook marketing campaigns. Our facebook advertising agency has experts who can strategically identify the best options for best results.
  • Our main goal is to maximize return on investment, increase qualified lead generation through Facebook ads, and increase business sales.
  • The campaign is yours: we set it up in your advertising account, so you won’t lose your story even if you aren’t with us.
  • Transparent Costs: Know how much you will pay for TriIs jobs and ads (ads costs will be paid directly to Facebook, not us)
  • There is no minimum contract period. We charge no penalty for the cancellation of our contract.

Get ready to turn your target audience into new real customers with our Facebook Advertising Agency!

Are you tired of getting the same old results (or lack of them!) from your digital marketing efforts? Looking for a new way to reach your target audience quickly and efficiently? Well, you should try Facebook ads! Running an advertising campaign on Facebook is one of the best ways to reach potential customers on this social media platform. It has been proven to work for companies in all industries, so why not consider implementing it in your business as well?

If you need help with using Facebook Ads, our Facebook Advertising Services may be the answer. You no longer have to waste a lot of time and effort finding these potential customers or persuading them to buy from you. Facebook ads make it much easier to find real interested users on Facebook and can be a real sponsor of your brand. Contact Mahira Digital, and we will help you grow your business from today.


What is social marketing?

Social marketing or SMA (Social Media Advertising) includes all paid advertising methods on social media, and the Facebook advertising platform is the most widely used.

Why invest in Facebook ads?

With 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook is a gold mine for businesses. Our Facebook Ads Expert helps drive awareness, engagement, and sales online. It is an essential element in developing your business.

How Much does it cost to Invest in Facebook Ads?

Facebook’s advertising budget depends on your marketing goals on this platform. Talk to our Facebook marketing expert to develop a strategy that suits your needs.

Why collaborate with a Facebook advertising agency?

Effective advertising is critical to the success of your Facebook ad campaign, and creative agencies like Mahira Digital can deliver a consistent and regular flow of ads to keep your campaign going. We have put together an outstanding creative team with extensive experience in storytelling, animation, visual effects, and user recording. We understand that the success of social advertising on Facebook requires a huge amount of new creative concepts, and we offer countless creative strategies based on best practices for each social channel.

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