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Web Development


Our website development company understands the crucial importance of a website and its impact on a business. As consumer behavior evolves with the latest technological trends, our web development experts imagine and set up a website specially adapted to your needs and audience expectations.

Mahira Digital has an enthusiastic team of talented developers, creative web designers, SEO experts, and seasoned strategists. Our website creation agency will work together to guarantee an optimal website adapted to your needs and allow your business to take off.

Beyond the creation of websites, we also provide our clients with constant expertise in the optimization and functionality of their sites. Our website creation company i is always at the forefront in terms of design and user behavior and closely follows the latest developments. In this way, we are always able to design optimal architectures to integrate current trends and attract your target audiences.


Custom web development- We select the best development methodology to obtain the best results. If you prioritize speed, innovation, and flawless performance for web development projects, then Mahira Digital is the ideal solution. From the rapidly growing arithmetic e-commerce industry to individual portfolio websites that showcase talent to the world, we have worked on a wide range of web development projects.

E-commerce website Creation- Mahira Digital can help your business reach a larger market by creating an e-commerce website to sell and market your products. As 60% of people buy products on their mobile phones, we can make your e-commerce site mobile-friendly. Accelerate your growth in e-commerce or add a new channel to your e-commerce strategy with our eCommerce website development expertise. When you sign up with us to develop an e-commerce site, you advance online commerce.

Development of the web portal – Upstream website development has been our strength since the beginning. We have built a number of web applications that can cater to our dynamic users. Our web developers are experts in building web applications using a wide range of web development frameworks like React and Angular.

Mobile Backends and APIs-Mobile applications are quite widespread, and Mahira Digital developers focus not only on creating mobile applications but also on mobile backends. In any mobile app, the backend is like a backbone. It provides the application architecture and network infrastructure needed to retrieve data and supports other activities such as file storage, database management, and web development services. MAHIRADIGITAL helps you build mobile APIs for building comprehensive and advanced mobile applications.

CMS development – If your business frequently creates and publishes content, you need a robust CMS. This is a user-friendly and customizable content management system that also allows you to define user rights. Whether it is e-commerce, business blogs, or online publishing sites, we can create the right CMS for you.

ERP Solution – Use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to give you full control over your business operations. Mahira Digital helps you create an ERP solution that can do everything from saving your money to managing your inventory to linking to marketing tracking. This allows 360-degree control of operations.

CRM Solutions – Businesses that strive to serve their customers, whether new, medium, or large, need a CRM solution. Our goal is to be able to build CRM solutions from scratch and integrate advanced solutions that work seamlessly with your business. Whatever your requirements are, remember that all your CRM solution needs are met.


A methodological approach consolidated by years of experience to create applications and websites that really work. Our technicians tackle each new project starting from the analysis of the context, business objectives, and functional requirements. The whole cycle, as shown below, ensures full transparency with the customer, who can follow the progress of the project in each state through the area reserved for him. The management and maintenance of sites and apps are followed through help desk systems to ensure optimal operation and the necessary support.

Discovery- Our discovery process helps us better understand our customers’ needs and make strategic plans to reach them. Most of the problems we face have many solutions. The right solution is identified and adapted to the customer’s needs during the discovery phase. Also, appoint a person responsible for monitoring the overall progress and completion of the project, according to the requirements of the project.

UI / UX Design-Good design can solve the problem. Good design can please the user. We are confident that incorporating a functional UI / UX design into your app/website will solve the problem. The entire UI/UX design phase is based on thorough research that progresses through research, design, prototyping, testing, and measurement.

The prototyping-The ultimate goal of developing web, apps, virtual reality, and augmented reality is to solve problems and ensure that the goals are achieved. As part of the development process, you create a software prototype based on the UI / UX design and discovery phase results. These prototypes will be in the final product prototype format. It can be extended to final products such as prototypes and prototypes with reduced work.

Development-Once prototyping is complete; it will be pushed to the development phase. Depending on the platform you want, developers will start writing programs in forms. Mahira Digital complies with quality assurance standards at all stages of development. This allows the final result to be properly designed and requires only minimal modifications to prepare it for booting.

Quality Assurance-At Mahira Digital, we see quality as a habit and a way of life. We own a team of highly trained and experienced QA engineers who perform pen tests, smoke tests, and other types of tests needed to ensure that the software is suitable for implementation. Our quality assurance process involves eliminating errors that are overlooked during development. Our Quality Assurance team tests the platform from the user’s perspective to make sure nothing is lost when you are ready to use the platform.

Implementation-Once the platform has passed the quality assurance phase, a team of experienced developers begins the implementation process. The implementation runs on the server platform, depending on the client’s choice or as determined at the start of the project. All activities related to sharing and protecting code repositories are also performed in the repository. We also pay special attention to the planning of the implementation phase so that our customers have a good understanding of the implementation plan. Once implemented, the platform is ready for use in real-world scenarios.

Support- As a customer-oriented website development company, Mahira Digital Marketing provides ongoing support and maintenance and is guaranteed after implementation. Our support system ensures that your product is active and will continue to operate without errors. You can also perform maintenance activities to keep your products up to date with security updates and system upgrades.


Professional skills: We provide the digital experience according to the major High-Tech High-Touch trends, which provide you with advanced web development services.

Transparency: We answer your questions frankly and freely and provide you with detailed quotes.

Unique approach: Each request is unique; we study your activity by analyzing your needs with great attention to detail.

Responsiveness: An immediate response to your request with a rapid realization of your ideas to ensure the delivery of projects on time.

Personalized Websites- Our team of more than 28 best-in-class software engineers, designers, and business analysts have considerable expertise in mobile, web, cloud, AI, VR, and AR technologies to create custom solutions that meet your needs specific to your business.

Competitive websites- We deliver our products 30-50% faster than other service providers. Mahira Digital experts shorten your time to market, giving you a significant competitive advantage.

If you are looking for a reliable website development company, Mahira Digital is here to provide you with high-quality service. Contact Mahira Digital, and our representative will get back to you as soon as possible!


Can Mahira Digital redesign or modify my website developed by another provider?

We can redesign the site with care. However, after a complete audit, we start from a blank page if the site is poorly developed. If you are currently facing such a situation, don’t worry! Mahira Digital team can help you resume the development of your existing project.

I have traffic, but customers are not buying; what should I do?

You have to examine all the blocking factors of your website, ensure that your offers match your customers’ expectations, the quality and type of traffic on your site, etc.

I want to sell products on my website. Do you create e-commerce sites? Online stores?

Yes, our e-commerce solutions are perfect for small and large online stores. We use the most popular solutions, Woocommerce and Prestashop. Each solution is interesting but does not meet the same expectations; our experts advise you to choose the most suitable solution for your project.

What is the response time following a technical problem on my site?

Within 48 hours, we will be able to restore your tool to good working order. Call on our technical support service for a quick and efficient intervention or troubleshooting so that you can get your website back up and running quickly.

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