Google updates their term of services.

Nowadays Google user has seen a notification “The message, “We’re updating our Terms of Service. Get to known our new Terms before they take effect on March 31, 2020”, has “review” and “got it” buttons attached to it.” According to Google, this update comes to improve the readability and better communication as well as adding chrome and Google drive to their term of services.

I would like to inform you especially the digital marketing agency or digital marketing experts you don’t need to worry about this update it will not going to harm the ranking of the website. It is not about the Google search result algorithm.

You know these days if Google run updates to improve search result they did not give you notice or any kind of notification. The Google updates silently run and hit your website ranking they did not share or informed you.

In this Google term of services update, they also mentioned their services how they work and earn money.

Google shares how they keep your information safe they never share your personal details with anyone.

Google also told us how google ads work, they show their ads according to your search history and purchasing behavior. Like If you are searching for some groceries on google and you did not buy it, that case, google show you groceries related ads into your browsers or phones app if don’t want to see these ads then you can click on the cross button then google ask why you did not want to see this ad then you can easily give your feedback as per your feedback google stop showing you the ads.

In this update google also talk about their pad and free services:

Here is a list of google free and paid services:
Google Free products:
• Google Analytics
• Google My Business
• Google AdSense
• Google Docs
• Google Alerts
• Google Trends
• Google Tag Manager
• Google Keep
• Blogger
• Gmail
• Google search console and
• Google drive etc…
Google Paid products:
• Google Image Search
• Google Media Ads
• Google Product Ads/Extensions.
• Google Redemption Ads/Offer Extensions
• Google Call Extensions/Metrics and
• Google Sitelinks etc…

For more information, you can search on Google and read.

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