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How to monetize youtube channel?

How to monetize youtube channel?
How to monetize youtube channel?

With the popularity of YouTubers on the rise, whether in the media, audience level, or several views, many find it easy to make money on YouTube.

But is it for everyone? Can we earn enough money to live on it? Can we make a living from YouTube solely on advertising? We will talk about this in this article and introduce you to the different ways on how to monetize your youtube channel.

Monetize your YouTube channel: the steps to follow     

With the democratization of the mobile Internet, partnerships between brands and influencers have multiplied in recent years. Content sponsorship, unboxing, buzzkit… Companies are making greater use of influencer marketing levers to gain visibility.

The phenomenon is already well established on YouTube, and some channels, in great demand, are now a real commercial machine. But how does an influencer marketing campaign on YouTube materialize?

Brands proceed upstream with the selection of Youtubers, whose theme revolves around their products. To do this, they often call on networking platforms to analyze the offers of Youtubers as well as their profiles. Once the proper profile has been identified, the influencer distributes – skillfully – the brand’s information in their video so that their audience interacts in the comments.

For a YouTuber who wants to embark on the monetization of his channel, prerequisites are necessary:

  • Your channel must follow the YouTube rules and guidelines.
  • One needs to create a Google Adsense account.
  • One must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours.
  • One must apply to join the YouTube partner program.

On the technical side, YouTubers must configure their channel – go to the “channel” section, then “Monetization”, and “Activate” – to activate the device.

How to activate the monetization of YouTube channel?

Once you have fulfilled the conditions for monetize youtube channel, the examination request is made automatically. If Youtube validates the monetization, then the ads are displayed automatically, and if this is refused, you have 30 days to submit your channel for monetization.

Product placement

Widely used in video clips to finance the cost of clips, product placement is an excellent way to monetize your channel.

This consists of promoting a product directly in its video. You can do this by simply showing the product or by testing it. There is no limit.


A straightforward approach to monetize its content is to accept donations. The principle is uncomplicated: all you have to do is allow Internet users to donate to recognize your work.

You will not be able to win well with this. Nevertheless, it enables you to immediately set up the monetization of your channel without having to pause to have all the required stipulations to initiate advertising on your channel.

Link placement

Say you have a video that gets quite a few views. If you are talking about a product or brand in it, you can contact the brand in question and offer to add a link in your description so that some of the video traffic is redirected to the brand.

To do this, you can offer to put this link for a fee. Before you put this in place, you have to make sure that it respects the rules of YouTube.


This is one of the most reliable medians to make money and to monetize youtube channel.

When you create your videos, you will talk about services and products, and you will make money from them. How? ‘Or’ What? It’s straightforward: you earn a commission on the sale when someone goes through your link and then buys from the site.

You can do this as soon as your channel is up and running. You need to register on the affiliate platforms.

To find out if the product you want to promote is an affiliate program, type the product name + affiliate on Google, and then all you have to do is register on the platform affiliation found. This will then provide you with a personalized tracked link that you will use in the video’s description.

The higher up in the description you put the link, the better. To make the affiliation work even better, when you have a large channel, you can negotiate a unique promo code, which you will be alone to offer, encouraging Internet users to order through your link.

Sell ​​your products

This is the most effective technique to profit from YouTube! To make money, you don’t need a lot of traffic. If you cook, for example, you can sell your cookbook. You talk about a couple; you can sell video training. And so on! By selling your products, you choose the margin and, therefore, how much you will earn.

Create your brand

No matter what your channel is about, once you have thousands or tens of thousands of people following you, you can create goodies in your image: mugs, t-shirts, sweaters…

You have to understand one thing: the people who follow you are fans of what you do and ready to buy your products. You can easily manage the creation of these products and orders with sites that contain all the logistics.

Sponsored content

Like product placement, with sponsored content, you’re going to talk about a brand and make money with it. However, rather than talking about it a little bit, you will spotlight the product or service in question.

So we can see that there are several ways to make money on YouTube, but most of them require having a lot of views and subscribers to make a living.

So the best way to make money and monetize youtube channel when you don’t have a big audience is to affiliate, and once you’ve analyzed what is selling well, that is to offer the sale of its products.

Afterwards, like any social network or search engine, YouTube requires devoting a lot of time to work. You will have to work hard for months, if not years, to start seeing exciting results: only the most persevering and determined who succeed in making a living on the Internet.


How much money can one make with adverts on YouTube?

It all relies on the price model you’re using. For example, when employing Cost per Mille (CPM), a $3 CPM means that the advertiser pays $3 for every 1,000 ad impressions. When you choose Cost per Click (CPC), it means that the advertiser will pay $2 for each click your ad receives, for a total of $2000.

Cost per View is the default method for advertisers to select the amount they want to pay for video adverts on YouTube (CPV). A view is defined as someone watching 30 seconds of a video ad (or the entire ad if shorter). The amount of money you make will be determined by the number of views your adverts receive.

Is it challenging to earn money on YouTube?

In truth, making money on YouTube is quite tricky. The YouTube partner program has stringent entry requirements (1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in 12 months). Before you can begin monetizing, there are a few things you should do first.

How can you figure out how much a thousand views are worth? Only 15 people out of every 100 people will watch a video ad for the entire 30 seconds. That means that only 150 individuals will watch the ad for every 1,000 views. Given the $0.18 average payment per View, Google charges the advertiser $27, retains $9, and pays the YouTube channel $18.

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