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Creating, administering, and monitoring a Google Ads campaign isn’t as simple as it seems if you don’t have a complete picture of the web marketing tools you can use. Relying on a certified web agency and Google Partner often makes the difference for a successful campaign. Mahira Digital, a web agency and Google Certified Partner can give you complete support by guiding you in the choices for setting up and managing your online advertising campaign.

We have been managing Google ADS / Adwords campaigns for years, with a unique experience and expertise that has led us to be among the most popular Google ADS consultants. The best Google Premier Partner agencies, awarded for the performance achieved with our customer campaigns.

The value of our service is in the care with competence in every phase of work:

  • We focus not on the number of users to bring to the website but on the objectives (e.g., sales or leads).
  • We carry out multi-channel analysis with attribution models to evaluate every single channel’s contribution (SEO, Google Ads, Facebook ADS, Shopping, Display, etc.) in achieving each goal.
  • We maniacally apply Web Analytics and Data Intelligence to measure, test, and understand customers and optimize campaigns concerning ROI and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)
  • We apply Conversion Marketing techniques to take off conversions.
  • We specialize in ADV in eCommerce channels (marketplace, Amazon …)
  • We optimize and better manage product feeds for comparator campaigns.

How does Mahira Digital help you in Google Ad words Management?

We give you the best options for your campaign to join your objectives (For example, a campaign focused on being asked for a budget through your website). We send you a monthly report in which we summarize the performance of your campaign via the google ads specialist. With this, we seek to keep you informed of the results and offer you possible solutions to any of your doubts or problems. All our experience has helped us create optimization methodologies for your Google Ad words campaigns.

Below is shown how Mahira Digital Marketing can help you in Google AdWords Services:

  • We listen to you; we know that you are the most outstanding expert in your line of business.
  • We analyze the behavior of internet users (Around your line of business). We investigate what they are looking for, what their interests are, age, gender, etc.
  • We look for the best cost for your bids on the platform. (Your budget is well invested).
  • You can invest 100% of your budget will in your campaigns (We only charge you for the management and creation of campaigns)
  • We optimize your campaigns all the time. We are always alert so that your advertising works to the maximum.
  • We offer Constant analysis and optimization of your CPM campaigns (Cost per thousand impressions), CPC campaigns (Cost per click), CPL campaigns (Cost per lead), CPD campaigns (Cost per download), and CPA campaigns (Cost per action).
  • We analyze the traffic that reaches your website to optimize the conversion funnel of your landing page.

Our Services

We offer the following google ads management services,

Search Ads: Google search ads will show up in the top positions of Google search results for the products or services your potential customers want. Google receives over 63,000 searches per second. Being in the top ranks of Google’s search results can significantly impact the bottom line of your business. You must write the text of an advertisement after a careful analysis of the market and the target audience. Our Google AdWords agency helps you bid on the right keywords when your customers most likely use your services or purchase your products. This way, we will help you have a better chance of converting them into paying customers.

Display Network Ads: Display Network ads can dramatically increase your brand awareness among your potential customers by developing a positive reputation with your target audience. With Remarketing, you will have the opportunity to reach, through display campaigns, those users who have already shown interest in the product or service offered, having visited your site previously. In this way, the advertising message will be even more effective.

Along with a remarketing strategy, display ads can also help increase your sales. Our Google Ad words agency will help you show your ads to people who visited your website without taking action, reminding them that your business exists. Also, we make campaigns that encourage your customers to come back to your page and keep them informed of your current offers and promotions. This way, our Google Ad words agency assists in the creation of bond and build a sense of loyalty.

Google Shopping Ads: One of the reasons these ads are so influential in matching potential customers to your business is that your products are displayed based on the buyer’s keywords. That means that you show your products to users who are already interested in what you are selling.

People who click on your Shopping ads, compared to text ads, have a much higher likelihood of buying your products. Increase your eCommerce income with these highly effective advertising campaigns.

Since Google Shopping Ads offers the advantage of placing your products above organic search results, we will design a campaign that gives you the ability to increase your brand’s visibility effectively.

CRO and Landing Pages: In today’s economy, the conversion rate is more important than ever. Many internet entrepreneurs are content to drive traffic to their site, forgetting what matters: the number of conversions. Many companies thus increase their advertising investment to afford marketing campaigns with sponsored links. So, yes, you can improve your sales by bringing in more visitors, but it is more relevant to optimize your landing pages to increase the conversion rate.

A helpful system for maximizing and analyzing conversions, a landing page focuses on the sole purpose of making the visitor act; we built and designed the landing page to maintain the communication style of your company and your current site. However, applying marketing rules to induce the potential customer to take the desired action. Digital inbound marketers around the world use landing pages for their various campaigns. As a leading Google Ad words management agency, we like to transfer the traffic generated by paid marketing to specialized landing pages instead of their web pages.


Getting your brand remembered is our goal. That is why we use all the interactive tools and publications that are within our reach. Here we leave you a summary of our work process.

1. Research- We investigate the best options and do a small study of the online market in which you want to promote yourself.

2. Strategy- After the study, we focus on your brand’s best publications and campaigns. We carry out a design, magazine, and segmentation strategy.

3. Reporting- We summarize each month the most relevant data for your company—our strategy’s performance and the future steps that we will follow.


GROWTH- The only goal when we work with a client is his growth in ROI (Return on Investment) and Turnover. We need to increase our partner’s customer base and ensure that loyal customers buy more frequently.

SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT- When you choose NDV for your digital project, you no longer have to worry about a thing. We have all the in-house skills to respond to your every need, from analysis to the strategy setting, to creativity, passing through development and web marketing.

DATA-DRIVEN- We cannot separateweb Marketing from Web Analytics, i.e., data analysis. Adopting a data-driven approach means being guided by the numbers, the ones that matter. We use data and not sensations when we have to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign to be aware that the one undertaken is the correct path.

Are you ready to promote yourself?

Schedule a meeting with our experts in digital strategies. We will guide you in the world of Google Ad words advertising so that once and for all, you can take that great leap in the digital world.

Google AdWords FAQs

Why invest in Google Ads ads?

Google Ads is the most potent SEM tool, but you have to know how to use it effectively to take advantage of it. An Adwords expert will identify the best ad opportunities to reach new customers as quickly as possible and at a lower cost.

What are the prices charged for Google Awards Management campaign?         

We charge a fee for the management of Adwords that will depend on the number of campaigns and their complexity. In addition, we will pay the investment in advertising directly to Google.

What are the deadlines?

In about a week, you will have your Adwords campaign up and running. For the design and programming of landing pages, we need 5 to 8 days.

How will we know about the performance of the Google Adwords Campaign?

Every month we send you a pdf report with information on the evolution of your campaigns with the most relevant metrics.

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