Google AdWords

Google AdWords

How Google Adwords work?

In this time online marketing is on the peak, which increases the competition level into the market. Nowadays in all markets, Google Adwords (Google ads) and search engine optimization are in high demand. Everybody wants to take the First position on Google without wasting their time that’s why most of the company prefer both paid and organic ways to increase their website online visibility. Through Google ads company pay and show their ads on Google’s first page and with the help of Search Engine Optimization Company try to achieve ranking on Google’s first page organically.

Today Lots of ads running platforms are available to run ads like Google PPC, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and much more, etc…

How many types of Google AdWord?

Here the list of Google ads types:

  1. Search ad
  2. Display ad
  3. YouTube ad
  4. Google Shopping
  5. Branded search
  6. Competitor search
  7. Retargeting ad and
  8. Dynamic search ads etc…

What are the main elements of Google ads?

If we want to run Google ads or Google campaigns then it’s become very important to know about some important elements.

Here are some important Google ad-words elements:

  1. Adwords account
  2. Campaigns
  3. Ad Groups
  4. Keywords:
    • Exact match keywords
    • Phrase match keywords
    • Modified broad match keywords
    • Broad match keywords
    • Negative match keywords

How to create a Google text ad?

Here are the steps to create the Google text ad:

  1. Write a title up to 25 characters
  2. Two lines of descriptive text, each with up to 35 characters of text
  3. A display URL and extensions

How Google shows ads and target your audience?

Now we will tell you how Google decide or plan to show ads to your targeted audience.  Google tracks your searches every time and every minute. Do you know Google knows you better than yourself? Google tracks your habit of searching, which type of products you like, Google knows about your favorite color, which type of food you order online to eat mostly, currently, you are looking for which products, what kinds of music you love to listen and which types of movie you love to see.  Which restaurants mostly visit, where you love to spend your time, and many more things Google knows better. On the basis of these data or you can say with the help of these data Google shows you the ads target your customers and audience.

Google Remarketing Ad

Google also helps you to retarget your previous clients, website visitors, and app user audience through Google remarketing ads. Lots of companies or agencies love to run remarketing ads because no one wants to lose their old clients or consumers.

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